So lost in nothingness, her shine is gone
Set on a mantel, forgotten ignored
Twice in one lifetime, put aside
Left alone
Trophies are covetable, if only they remain perfect
But youth and beauty fades, making her no longer worthy
Love becomes non-existent, she’s solely creature of convenience
Money, stability, for anything but love
As she’s no longer worthy
Too young to settle for it, too old to know better
Burdened by reason
Trapped by responsibility
Trophies are covetable, if only they remain perfect



Author: Kalyan Chakravarthy


It’s not the words


It’s easy to look into pools of caramel,

Oceans of blue,

a sea of green

If only to get lost in a moment

Words flow like wine,

or poison

They can lift up the poignant of spirits

They can crush and ruin the happiest

A spark is created,

then put out too abruptly


It’s not the words


What was said is a lie

What was said is the truth

What is said is said,

There are no take backs

Accommodation of actions is the true meaning of any word

Gestures of good will

Gestures of misfortune

Character is judged on actions,

actions isolate emotions


It’s not the words


He said

she said

they say

it’s the deed

NaPoWriMo2016 is in full swing and I’m loving it! Thank you to Robert Lee Brewer,, for the poetry prompt; “write a what he said and/or what she said poem.”


Michelangelo's First Painting

Heaviness crushes as souls are drawn down

while burdens of time weighs excessively

Unable to ascertain answers that hide in shadows

paralyzed by the unknown

As if drugged under the aegis of sorrow,

dying in the name of pain

Breaths embellished with gravity

full of modest cinders that burn too much

Succombing to fate only to be beaten down by it

Sleep now,







Words written before vivacity was acknowledged

Connected decades later, too far, too distant

Melodies that speak of misfortunes that burdens with your acquaintance

A meeting that resides only by imagination,

You’re gone.


Intentions of compositions drown senses recorded long ago,

There’s no chance of recovery

Souls without limitation, yet specifically ceased

Departed to soon distancing unity, leaving intellect in dire straights

For those who yearn too much

Those who grieved for and coveted bones of the dead

That in no way are to be held

You’re gone.


This is a prompt from Robert Lee Brewer from Writer’s Digest, 2016 April PAD Challenge.